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One of the things I learned this week is that the mozilla learning lab is lacking developers. i put this post together to try and help the non programmers in the class understand basic and intermediate javascript.

With javascript you can find all of the code in the source (right click view source, or in webkit right click inspect element / view source) , every web page is a mine of code for you to translate.

If you are brand new to javascript start here

This week Christian Heilmann and Jon Resig inspired me to publish all of the source of my #MozNewsLab project to date ( clone my mojo github repo or check out the alpha demo with the twitter feed and map). I also wanted to talk about my ideas / philosophy oh web programming. My hope is that this post can shed some light on how to mine social data and display it. My main purpose of this blog is to advocate openness and to prove that anyone can write awesome javascript. Three vitally important things to keep in mind here: computers do what you tell them, programming is easy, and geeks love to share ( ⌘+C, ⌘+V and git clone are your friends).

computers do what you tell them

computers only listen to “well spoken” instructions. use webkit to debug. javascript is an unforgiving language. mastering debugging is key.

programming is easy

anyone can program javascript. we have so many resources at our fingertips. take advantage of the open web. pick a library. read about it. learn from it. write some code of your own. share and contribute back.

geeks love to share

geeks take the data you give them, save it and then redistribute it to their friends in an API. In my project I am going to be using the following tools to programmatically mine geolocated social media for the web news media:

those are the only tools i need to grab up to date, user generated data and embed them into my own web page. For those of you who are not sure how to easily grab endless data using jquery and json please refer to my recent gist.

please ask me questions in the comments and let me know how i can help you get your prototype up and running

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