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Show and Sell

i want to mine user input as a real time news discovery tool for journalists and news consumers. imagine if you could aggregate, process and graphically visualize user generated geolocated data from as many sources as possible all over the world in an instant. watch data change while using web sockets to feed your html5 graphs. first start with the worlds largest cities. break them down into smaller regions and add monitors to each district producing a graph of real time data. You can analyze and compare to other areas around the city or anywhere in the world. see who is producing the most data and use this to your advantage. when breaking news hits the social media will tell you about it. you can use this media generated by web users to get a heads up on the next big thing. Not only do i want to display real time tweets but I also want to display beautiful analytics inside a “geo dashboard” that will let the users of the app really dial in on what they are looking for. I will be using some awesome javascript libraries like Jit and D3. This will be a web app that works on the mobile platform as well. Open is the way to go, once I have a solid prototype the code will be open for anyone to have and mash up free of charge.

Go Go Gadget Code!

My plan is to make this a stand alone web app that can be duplicated anywhere you can copy and paste into a web page. Basically, I would like to make an embeddable widget out of my code that way ANYONE can use it to show their friends the data that they are mining. Originally, I will work with new organizations to perfect the app making it useable by some of the best journalists in the world. I have written all the code in javascript ( yes even the service side of this is written in javascript thanks to node.js )

How would I use this?

Use this tool to show real time data to users based on a given video or story. Use this tool to find some new story and get the most up to date news from the interSocialWebs as it is being published.

Scenario: 1,
Location: London summer of 2012

The legendary olympic open ceremony is about to begin, the whole world is watching. Everyone around the world is waiting to see their country enter. You place a geo target around the stadium and mine the social media coming from that even displaying it side by side your live video stream. Every 15 seconds you check for more tweets and continue to update your feed to the user to see all while displaying an overhead image of the stadium matched against the correct geo coordinates and to give the appearance that the user watching is actually looking and the real stadium.

Scenario 2,
Berlin: September 11 – 16, 2012

Berlin hosts one of the worlds largest air shows. In preparation for this air show you set up geo targets to monitor all social data coming from the air show venues. You begin to notice trends as data starts to come from only certain parts of the trade show. You can use this data to see what was most popular to the users there and write a story or create a video of the particular popular interest.

Scenario: 3,
Location: Iran February 2012

Tehran Is under siege by it’s own people. Twitter has caused a revolution and you want to see what is happening on the ground. Instead of searching twitter for hash tags you can use my geo location search and mine all the social media coming from tehran to get the latest on the ground.

Who are you? Where can I see this live?

If you would like to see this demo for yourself please contact me and I can walk you through it. my skype handle is cole_g and my twitter is @theCole. See my video intro to the mozNewsLab to learn a little more about me. I would really like to speak with other journalists and developers to get their thoughts on this idea.

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