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a short recap on landing in berlin

I landed in Berlin on Saturday afternoon February 18th. Sleep deprived from packing and moving out of my house the night before the flight, I was more than anxious to see how smooth my transition into my newly purchased apartment would be. At the same time I was numb from not sleeping so whatever was going to happen did not matter, I was ready to sleep on the street if I had to. Armed with nothing more than a carry on, back pack and a suitcase I hopped in the cab at Berlin Tegel and pointed to the address that I had almost forgotten to write down right before I hopped on the plane to Berlin. The cabby looked at the address thought about it for a second and we were off, apparently he has the whole city memorized because he had no GPS.

If you are ever in Berlin taking a cab from the airport, as soon as you reach your destination if the cabby knows you are foreign he will totally try and rip you off by keeping some of the change for himself — I learned this the first time in Berlin so I was prepared to count my euro coins ( which are worth ALOT more than the quarters they look like ). Luckily this cabby was nice and the fare was only 19 euro, I told him to keep the change for helping me with my bags. I was feeling nice because I just made it to the start of a totally new adventure and i was STOKED to finally be here.

So here I am, standing in front of this massive wooden door, wondering what to do next. I looked to my right and there were a list of buzzers, I found the one that corresponded to my place and started to buzz it. It took about 30 seconds but someone yelled on the other said ‘COLLLEEE YOU MADE IT!!’. Phew! What a relief. I will spare you the rest of the details of the moving in process but long story short is this: Everything is 20 times more exciting / fun / awesome than I could have ever imagined. Shout out to the owner my apartment for being such a nice accommodating guy.

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