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filtering through re:publica 2012

The German blogosphere came together last week at re:publica to kick start Berlin web week. A few weeks before this Kai Bennerman approached me with an idea about tracking this conference as it was being talked about in real time via twitter. He had a few ideas about some different key words that he wanted to follow that were being tagged with the #re12 hash. My approach to building this widget first started with the streaming API that twitter provides the only downfall of this is that using the streaming api would require some server pieces to work properly and the assets were not available to build such a service in the time frame that we had to complete this project. I decided to use twitters public search api instead as my platform to build a jQuery plugin on top of.

The first idea was simple. Filter tweets that contain the following words: ’session’,'track’, ‘vortrag’, ‘talk’, ‘ and panel’ that were included in tweets that contained the rp12 hashtag. At first you would think that you would just include these words inside of the query string that we send to the twitter api but if you do that the results seem to get over filtered and raise the complexity of the query string which increases your chance of getting rate limited by the search api. Another problem with adding the items to the query string meant that twitter would try and return these tweets to you ONLY if all words were matched, I need an OR scenario not an AND.

My way around this was to query the search for only the hashtag #rp12 and then use javascript to search for the requested strings myself vs having twitter do it. As I searched through all the tweets I would keep track of how many I found that met the proper search criteria and once I had enough items I would cut off the query to twitter. While I am doing this checking as soon as I found a match I would create the DOM element and append it right away so it would be able let it scroll on the page and be visible to the user.

You can find the code on the openNews github.